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Danger in the Construction Zone

$4,250,000 Settlement

The Accident

While driving home from a church meeting, our client entered a 45 mph construction zone on I-80. The defendant was driving a semi tractor trailer at 70 mph and did not slow down in the construction zone. The defendant struck our client's car with such force that her car ricocheted down the highway ,striking several more semi tractors.  Our client's car was crushed in half. 

The Injuries

Our client was rushed to the hospital by flight, where her internal organs were repaired and her spleen removed. She was then air lifted to another hospital, where she was treated for cranial hemorrhaging, and fractures to her spine, jaw, ribs and scapula.   


The accident caused our client to experience tremendous short term pain and suffering. Possible long term effects could include serious scaring, difficultly speaking, and cognitive issues. 

Despite the seriousness of the these injuries our client has recovered fully in less than two years and presently only takes two aspirin a month for pain. Her life has returned to normal.   

The Settlement

After being referred to our office by a family member who had worked with us before, our client started working with Mr. Chadwick. Mr.Chadwick worked tirelessly to ensure our client received the maximum possible compensation as quickly as possible. Mr.Chadwick frequently met with our client, driving to our client's home to discuss the case with our client and their family. Our firm understands the urgent nature of financial compensation after an injury and resolved this case in just two years from the date of the accident, despite the many Covid-19 restrictions in place. Our client was ultimately awarded $4,250,000.

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We Can Help

If the negligence of another person has caused you or a loved one a serious injury, Chadwick and Lakerdas can help. All consultations are free, so please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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