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Chicago woman sues over medical malpractice in long-term care

Imagine going to a facility for medical treatment and receiving poor care. You may end up with an infection, suffer from the worsening of your condition or even develop new conditions as a result of the subpar treatment you received.

This happened in Chicago, according to a new medical malpractice claim filed by a woman who is suing a long-term care facility. She filed the claim in January claiming that Oak Brook Care did not protect her from neglect.

She complains that she was a resident of the facility in Oak Brook when a surgical wound on her leg opened. This caused several problems including a heel pressure sore which then deteriorated and required debridement. She argues that she lost dignity and self-respect. She also complains that her physical, mental and psychosocial condition worsened while in the care of the facility.

The woman believes that she went through unnecessary pain and suffering as a result of the staff's inability to provide her with adequate care and treatment. Now, she wants them to pay her back for her losses including over $50,000 and attorney fees.

It should go without saying that a medical facility should know when to treat a patient and when there is an emergency, like a wound opening, that needs medical attention. If a patient is left without care, they could develop infections or even lose a body party if a pressure sore becomes too serious. Providers have to do all they can to address patients' illnesses as quickly and thoroughly as possible to avoid situations like this.

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