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Woman sues over broken needle in spine following C-section

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, after discovering that a needle was left in her spine following a C-Section. It remained there for several years.

The 42-year-old woman went to Naval Hospital Jacksonville for the operation in 2003. During the procedure, part of a needle broke off and entered her vertebrae. She wasn't informed of the error, even though she complained of chronic back and leg pain after the surgery. She'd spent years obtaining treatment when the needle was finally discovered on a scan.

The woman, whose husband was in the Navy, has stated that she's appalled that no one told her about the mistake. The needle, likely used to provide anesthesia during the surgery, broke past the L4 vertebrae. It is still trapped there, explaining the pain that she has suffered for years.

Interestingly, the doctors didn't take note that the needle was broken. Instead, they wrote in her records that the anesthesia didn't take effect as it was meant to.

The woman and her husband are now seeking a minimum of $75,000 to cover the costs associated with years of medical care for the chronic pain. Unfortunately, surgery is too dangerous for her because so much time has passed since the error. That means that she will likely live her life in pain. That is another thing to be considered in her lawsuit.

Even after a long period of time has passed, it may be possible to start a medical malpractice case if you just discovered the error. An experienced attorney can provide more information based on your individual situation.

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