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Suicidal man causes serious crash on Dan Ryan expressway

Car crashes don't always happen the way you'd expect. In most instances, you might think that a driver was distracted or looking away from the road when the collision occurred. However, there are times when people intentionally take steps to harm themselves or others, leading to injuries.

Take, for example, a case from Chicago in which a man was attempting to harm himself and ended up causing a serious collision. The man was walking on an overpass above Dan Ryan Expressway when he suddenly jumped into the roadway and into oncoming traffic.

Woman sues over broken needle in spine following C-section

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, after discovering that a needle was left in her spine following a C-Section. It remained there for several years.

The 42-year-old woman went to Naval Hospital Jacksonville for the operation in 2003. During the procedure, part of a needle broke off and entered her vertebrae. She wasn't informed of the error, even though she complained of chronic back and leg pain after the surgery. She'd spent years obtaining treatment when the needle was finally discovered on a scan.

Bleacher safety: Owners have a responsibility to guests

No matter what time of year it is, there are usually functions that require people to go into stands or onto structures for seating that could be dangerous under certain conditions. Property owners of schools, theaters or other facilities using bleachers or stacked seating systems need to make sure they're maintained and safe for those who use them.

Injuries happen on bleachers, specifically, because of a number of issues. For example, these usually don't have railings, so people could easily fall down the stairs. If there are not rails between rows, people could fall onto those seated below them.

Winter weather threatens Chicago, Ogle County, Princeton

Winter weather has come to Chicago, and with it are the crashes that are seen every year as a result of snowy weather. The snow and ice storm, Winter Storm Bruce, caused traffic to back up and become dangerous for those caught on the roads.

The storm has affected several states, but Illinois has suffered some of the worst of it. At least five people were injured so far when they were injured in a crash involving eight vehicles. The Illinois State Police reported that the accident happened on a feeder ramp entering the Kennedy Expressway. The five people, one of which was a child, had to be taken to the hospital. Fortunately, none were in life-threatening condition.

6 Common types of car accident injuries that may go unnoticed

In the aftermath of a car accident, your adrenaline is pumping and you're scrambling to process what just happened. During these periods of high stress, it's common to be unaware of injuries you may have suffered. Everyone reacts differently to car accidents, so it's important to be attentive to your body's reaction to the event for the next several weeks.

While you recover, watch out for symptoms of these injuries that are oftentimes unnoticed or delayed until well after a car accident.

Instant soup is much more dangerous than it looks

A new study recently sparked conversation about the hazards some instant soup containers pose to children. An abstract of the study, called "Instant Soup Scald Injuries in Children"  was presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2018 National Conference and Exhibition, which was held Nov. 5 in Florida.

This study found that instant soups and noodles burn almost 10,000 children annually and are responsible for at least two of every 10 scald burns on children that require emergency medical care. A Popular Science article points out that these figures don’t even include the children whose instant soup spills only required first aid care.

Which type of doctors are most apt to be sued?

A report published by Medscape in 2017 indicated that at least half of all doctors will be sued for malpractice during their careers. After interviewing more than 4,000 physicians, however, researchers found out that certain types of doctors are more apt to be sued than others.

The researchers determined that 85 percent of all surgeons and women's health specialists (including OB-GYNs) had previously been sued. Otolaryngologists, urologists and orthopedists followed closely, with all of those specialties facing lawsuits at a similar rate.

Distracted driving stats every driver needs to know

Have you ever picked up your phone to read a text message when you're driving? Have you ever tried to snap a picture to share on social media without stopping the car?

If so, you understand how easy it is to rationalize distracted driving. People often think that their actions will be safe "just this one time." They take risks and think nothing of it. To show you what those risks really look like, here are a few statistics you should know:

  • Some studies report that driver distraction contributes to a staggering 80 percent of auto accidents.
  • The amount of brain power a person puts into their driving drops by a full 40 percent whenever the driver actively listens to music or has a conversation with someone else. As you can see, it's not just texting that is dangerous.
  • That said, 11 teenagers pass away daily due to texting and driving. It's absolutely an epidemic in the United States.
  • In fact, some claim that sending or reading text messages while behind the wheel increases the odds of an accident a full six times more than drinking and driving.
  • We know that "safe" drivers still get their phones out in the car. In one survey, 56 percent said they did so despite the fact that nearly everyone -- 96 percent -- claimed they were safe drivers.

Pedestrians dangers in Chicago

Pedestrians can face major safety hazards. Sometimes, traffic accidents occur that leave pedestrians seriously injured or take pedestrians’ lives.

Unfortunately, Chicago is no stranger to such tragedies. Here are some estimates on recent pedestrian fatality totals in the city:

  • 2016 - 44 deaths
  • 2017 - 46 deaths
  • 2018 (so far) - 33 deaths

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