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Trooper hit, suffers severe injuries in semicrash

Drivers need to pay attention, especially when emergency personnel are nearby. They may be warning them about hazards up ahead or be helping victims of serious accidents.

When others don't pay attention, they put emergency teams in danger. A state police trooper was hit and seriously hurt when a semi-truck collided with him at the scene or another incident. There were three Illinois State Troopers at the scene on Interstate 55, responding to a call involving a vehicle that had gone off the roadway and hit a light pole. The pole fell and blocked the lanes of the interstate. Before troopers could arrive, another seven vehicles collided with the pole.

Yes, your dentist can face lawsuits for poor work

When you think about medical malpractice, the providers you usually consider are surgeons, doctors at hospitals and nurses. One other party who could be held liable for malpractice is a dentist.

Even dentists can make mistakes that cause people pain and suffering. For example, taking an X-ray and claiming there are cavities where none exist would put patients through unnecessary dental work. Dental offices that don't sterilize equipment correctly could expose patients to dangerous bacteria. Errors in diagnosing things such as abscesses could end up threatening a patient's life.

Speeding: A risky behavior to avoid

Car accidents can affect anyone, from a teenager who is just learning to drive to an elderly person who is driving home from visiting their grandchildren. In many cases, these people are not to blame. They're affected by those who are negligent or distracted behind the wheel.

Of all possible negligent acts, one of the most common is speeding. Speeding has a serious impact on collisions, and it's something you should avoid at all costs. When you see a speed limit, it has been designed to keep traffic slow enough to reduce the likelihood of fatal injuries. Speeding above those limits increases your risk of fatal injury multiple times over.

Chicago woman sues over medical malpractice in long-term care

Imagine going to a facility for medical treatment and receiving poor care. You may end up with an infection, suffer from the worsening of your condition or even develop new conditions as a result of the subpar treatment you received.

This happened in Chicago, according to a new medical malpractice claim filed by a woman who is suing a long-term care facility. She filed the claim in January claiming that Oak Brook Care did not protect her from neglect.

Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving

Driving while sleepy is a common occurrence in America. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of adults in the United States have driven while drowsy, and 33 percent of people have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

With the prevalence of drowsy driving, many experts claim it is as dangerous as drunk driving. Recent studies found being awake for 18 hours straight makes you drive similar to a driver with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent. In Illinois, the BAC limit is .08 percent for drivers.

Homes in disrepair: Landlords should be held accountable

Many people live in HUD homes around the country. These homes, secured by Housing and Urban Development, should be as safe as any other apartments or properties. Sadly, there are some letdowns.

The buildings are often neglected, and they can be found in various states of decay. Some buildings are boarded up. Poor living conditions are just a side effect of the neglect of these properties.

Suicidal man causes serious crash on Dan Ryan expressway

Car crashes don't always happen the way you'd expect. In most instances, you might think that a driver was distracted or looking away from the road when the collision occurred. However, there are times when people intentionally take steps to harm themselves or others, leading to injuries.

Take, for example, a case from Chicago in which a man was attempting to harm himself and ended up causing a serious collision. The man was walking on an overpass above Dan Ryan Expressway when he suddenly jumped into the roadway and into oncoming traffic.

Woman sues over broken needle in spine following C-section

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, after discovering that a needle was left in her spine following a C-Section. It remained there for several years.

The 42-year-old woman went to Naval Hospital Jacksonville for the operation in 2003. During the procedure, part of a needle broke off and entered her vertebrae. She wasn't informed of the error, even though she complained of chronic back and leg pain after the surgery. She'd spent years obtaining treatment when the needle was finally discovered on a scan.

Bleacher safety: Owners have a responsibility to guests

No matter what time of year it is, there are usually functions that require people to go into stands or onto structures for seating that could be dangerous under certain conditions. Property owners of schools, theaters or other facilities using bleachers or stacked seating systems need to make sure they're maintained and safe for those who use them.

Injuries happen on bleachers, specifically, because of a number of issues. For example, these usually don't have railings, so people could easily fall down the stairs. If there are not rails between rows, people could fall onto those seated below them.

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