$2 Million Settlement In Accidental Death

Just six short months after the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy, Chadwick & Lakerdas recovered $2 million.

Chadwick & Lakerdas sued one of the largest corporations in the United States for its negligence in the death of 10-year-old Jack.

On a warm Sunday night in October, Jack and his friends climbed a fence and entered the defendant's suburban steel plant, where a forklift had been left unsecured. As children do, they started up the forklift. While one of Jack's friends was driving it, Jack jumped on the back for a ride. Unfortunately, the child driving crushed Jack between the forklift and a roll of steel. Jack did not survive the crushing injury to his leg.

Chadwick & Lakerdas filed a lawsuit against the corporation. Within six months of Jack's death, the corporation tendered $2 million to compensate Jack's family for the tragic loss.

$1.485 Million Awarded In Negligence Case

The Smith family had been pulled over by a Virginia state trooper to be issued a citation. While Mr. Smith sat in the trooper's squad car, a delivery truck slammed into the squad car, then into the Smith car. The trooper was killed instantly. Mr. Smith and his son suffered multiple injuries. The Smiths' daughter suffered minor injuries, while Mrs. Smith spent 38 days in the hospital and was then transferred to Chicago's Rehabilitation Institute for three months of treatment.

A suit was filed against the delivery truck company in U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware. The delivery truck driver was found negligent because he fell asleep at the wheel. The delivery truck's two insurance carriers were required to pay the $1.485 million settlement.