Injured By A Defective Or Dangerous Product? You Are Not Alone.

You may take for granted that the products you use around your house are safe and perform as intended. After all, the government has agencies that oversee product safety and ensure that companies meet certain standards. Unfortunately, this does not always prevent accidents or injuries from products that are defective or unsafe.

The attorneys at Chadwick & Lakerdas in Hyde Park are proud of the success we have had in seeking compensation for Chicago victims of dangerous or defective products for over 30 years. We leave no stone unturned when fighting for our clients' rights to full and fair compensation after a product's faulty design, manufacturing or labeling brings suffering and grief.

Dedicated To Protecting Our Neighbors

Although the injuries you suffered due to a dangerous product may have left you with medical bills and struggles for which you deserve maximum compensation, pursuing a product liability claim is not merely about obtaining money. A large component of such a case is holding companies responsible for their products, forcing them to revise their standards or keeping the items off the shelves altogether. In this way, you play a role in protecting your neighbors in Illinois and across the country.

Claims that we are well-qualified to handle include the following and many others:

  • Dangerous toys and other products for children such as those containing lead, sharp elements or choking hazards
  • Defective power tools
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Appliances with defects that cause fires or the release of toxic gases
  • Toxic personal care products such as hair dye that causes burns and infections

Our lawyers will investigate to see if somewhere along the line someone cut corners, rushed testing, used components with known toxins or in other ways knowingly exposed you to a product that caused you injury or resulted in a loved one's death. It is not uncommon for a successful product liability case to result in a recall of the dangerous item.

Experience Makes The Difference

At Chadwick & Lakerdas, we have a history of success that stems from our more than 60 years of combined experience assisting those who suffer injuries from the neglectful actions of others. If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, do not throw the item away or return it to the manufacturer. Instead, call 773-966-0189 for a free evaluation of your case. You can also contact us online. Our fees are based on any award we may win for you.