Fighting For You When Police Injure You

While most police officers treat people with respect and dignity, there are members of law enforcement who abuse their power. Not only does this degrade the trust of the citizens of Illinois, it may also result in serious injuries.

If you have suffered physical injury from police brutality or excessive use of force, the attorneys at Chadwick & Lakerdas know that you and your family feel the lifelong impact of such a violation. Our law office has been in Hyde Park in Chicago's South Side for over 30 years, and our lawyers are proud to stand up for the rights of our neighbors.

We Are Not Intimidated

It makes no difference if you are innocent or guilty of the charges against you. No one deserves to suffer abuse at the hands of a police officer. A badge does not grant police permission to step on your civil rights, to harass you or to handle you with excessive force. An officer who believes the position of law enforcement is one of immunity may violate your rights in these and many other ways:

  • Unjustified shooting
  • Unnecessary use of a stun gun
  • Recklessness and negligence during pursuit
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Chokeholds and other types of excessive force

Our attorneys are relentless in pursuing justice for those who have suffered because of unconstitutional police actions, and we are eager to step in to offer that service to you and your family.

Let Us Hold Police Accountable For Your Injuries

If you have suffered at the hands of police overstepping their authority, contact Chadwick & Lakerdas. Your consultation is free. Call 773-966-0189 or use our confidential online information form to make an appointment at our Hyde Park office.